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In addition to the current campaign Accountancy, something for you?, a new campaign called Auditing the Future will be organized on the 10th of March, 2023. This accountancy challenge is a follow-up of the NBA Impact Challenge and focuses on second and third-year undergraduate students in financial-economical study disciplines. The seven universities that provide a master's degree in Accountancy, will compete in teams of six students against each other for the title “Auditors of the Future”. The goal of this challenge is to let students experience how diverse the activities are in the auditing practice. During this one-day event, you will work in a team on topics such as data analysis, how to deal with executive members, and ESG. You and your team will present the results of the case to a judging panel of distinguished accountants. Besides this difficult challenge, Auditing the Future will be the ideal opportunity to present yourself as a professional. Moreover, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and network with individuals from the professional work field.

About auditing the future

participating universities 2023

On the 10th of March, the following universities will compete against each other for the title of “Auditors of the Future”. You can sign up via your university. Game on!

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Interested in participating or being present during this challenge? Or curious if we can collaborate in a different way? If so, please contact Lukas Burgering via l.burgering@nba.nl.

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